We Are a Crowd of Others – open studio at MadArt, Seattle, WA
Gail Grinnell, Samuel Wildman and Eric J. Olson. 2016/17

We Are a Crowd of Others will be a site-specific installation made out of hundreds of yards of spun polyester that was drawn on, dyed and cut out by the artist Gail Grinnell. Grinnell uses textiles as a conduit that can extend the life of an action. In the studio she performs actions that were adapted from movements her mother used while making clothing, with the belief that they somehow contain an identity beyond her own. At the center of her practice is a supposition, people and places are transmutable and can exist, or are contained in an action or a process. Her installation at MadArt, composed of hundreds of yards of the dyed and cut material, twists the idea of a space that is haunted into a haunting that defines a space. The public is invited to visit during the Open Studio hours and observe the process as it unfolds.

Published in the MadArt Studio Broadside for “We Are a Crowd of Others”.

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